Sunday, October 5, 2008

The River - One to Miss

The River - 1988

I have to admit first that I quite like David Essex and his acting abilities. About 15 years before this series he was in two very good films in my opinion. They were Stardust and That'll Be the Day. On the other hand the first 15 minutes of this TV series were just awfull. Because I am being picky on what I watch it is seldom that I have something that is just too hard to watch through to the end and here I was only one twelfth into the series. I might give it another go later but it did seem a complete waste of time.

My review : (0 stars) Within the first minute of the first episode there was just terrible canned laughter. It made no sense when you were getting the background noises of life on a canal to have very clearly recorded laughter exchanged for it on the sound track. The shots of David Essex were just him posing. I just started to feel embarrassed for everyone involved in this show and turned it off. The only audience I could see this appealing to were women who were 14 years old when David Essex was in his prime as a teeny-bopper idol twenty years earlier. I wonder how old the director/producer Susan Belbin is?

Details : 1988 comedy series in 6 by 30 minute episodes for BBC One

Discs : 1